Monday, 12 September 2011

Favourite nail polishes for Autumn/Fall!

Hey everyone!
So, recently I've been getting really into nails! Sadly, I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish to school but the second I get home on a Friday, I paint my nails! I love Autumn and I think that there is great selection of suitable colours for this season so I thought I would share them with you :)..

1. Barry M Dusky Mauve nail paint - I wore this over the weekend and it's gorgeous, quite different from in the bottle as it comes out more of a taupe with purple undertones.. But yeah, I love it! Dead on dupe for 'Paradoxal' by Chanel.

2. No7 Stay Perfecr nail colour in Totally Teal - This is such a pretty and flattering colour on all skin tones, it's such a fail safe and I really reccomend buying it. In my opinion it's more of a toe nail colour. Similar to OPI's 'Ski Teal We Drop' and Nails Inc's 'Portland Place'. :)

3.Dior Addict Vernis 570 - Really not sure why this reminds me of Autumn but it's such a pretty warm pink with gold undertones and is also a flattering colour on many skintones. This also has super cute packaging. This colour is sadly discontinued :(

4. Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Hip Hop - This reminds me of Autumn because it's bright orange! I'm thinking leaves and pumpkins. This is so affordable at only £1.79 and would look great on darker skin.

5. 17 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Amaretto - This is just the perfect colour, it screams Autumn, it's a gorgeous dark golden red and will be on my nails all season! I love it :)

Own any of these colours of fancy buying them? Comment down below! Please also comment saying your fave colours for Autumn/Fall :)

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