Wednesday, 14 September 2011

MUA Review and Swatches

MUA is one of my fave drugstore makeup brands, ever, mainly because their products are only £1. They have also brought out a 'studio' line where the products are £2+, however I have stuck to their regular line. I thought it would be useful to do some swatches of these lovely products and tell you a little about them..

Eye products
Their eyeshadows are some of my favourite things from MUA simply for the pigmentation and creamy texture. They are definitely worth buying and I can't wait to buy some more. I also like the fact that there are different finishes on offer, including 'Pearl' and 'Matt'. I have 4 of them in shade 4 - a gorgeous shimmery lilac (Pearl), 2 - A golden icy white, perfect for a highlight (Pearl), 20 - A straight up matt black (Matt) and 12 - The most awesome colour, ever! In some lights it shows up green, some brown. Similar to MAC's Club (Pearl)..

Next is their liquid liners, I have shade 5 which is just a plain black. This is alright but I won't be purchasing it again as it's lasting power is awful and it is kind of flakey :( It was okay for a £1 but I think I'll invest in something a little better :)

The last eye product is their eye dusts. I only have 1 but I really, really like it! They are very similar to Barry Dazzle Dust, but a quarter of the price. I'm sure they are also comparable to MAC's Pigments. I have shade 5 which is a pretty, grey toned chocolate brown with subtle shimmer, very similar to MAC's Satin Taupe. The packaging isn't great for these because there is just one small hole in the top of the container which makes it kind of tricky to get the product out but other than that, this is great product and I need to buy some more!
Annonyingly I forgot to photograph this but pics will be up within the week :).

Face Products

The only face products I have tried from MUA are their blushers, which I bought mainly to boost my blush collection but I actually ended really loving them. I bought 2 althought I could have bought them all because they were all gorgeous! I bought Shade 4 (A pretty, shimmery, coral pink) and Shade 2 (A pale pink with very subtle shimmer). They are so silky and pigmented and I can't wait to try out some more :)

Lip products
I own 2 lipsticks from MUA and I like them both a lot, however they do have a few flaws.. They are decent pigmentation, fairly sheer but they do show up! I love the fact they are glossy as it makes them soooo moisturising, unlike a lot of mt other lipsticks. The packaging however, is awful because when you wind up the lipstick, it is really wobbly. At first I thought it was just mine but it turns out most of them are like that. Another flaw is they come across a bit too shimmery on the lips. They don't look that shimmery in the tube but they really are they make my lips look a tiny bit 'old lasy-ish!' Apart from that I do like them and I am sure I will purchase a few more. I have Shade 2 (A beautiful berry colour, with a lot of shimmer) and Shade 7 (A pinky coral shade).
So, overall I love MUA and except to see the brand popping up a lot more!
All of the products are available in Superdrug, online and instores for just £1

Disclaimer: I was not paid to mention any of the products, all opinions are my own :) x


  1. i agree i think that MUA are Brilliant but i think the pigmentaton on the eye shandows could be a bit more better but i don't own any of their eye shadows but i am thinking about that shade 2 for a hilight but i don't really go buying single eye shadows becasue i have costal sentes (?) and Mac and ELF but i do like that hilight colour :)

  2. I own 2 of their lip glosses and I'm super happy with it !! I actually have a post about them with review and swatches =)

    I can believ you're only 14 !! Yu look a lot older on your pics and videos =) I'm impressed !

    xxx Vee