Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winter night in essentials!

Hello beauties!
When this time of year comes around, all the focus is on what to wear New Year's Eve, how much glitter can you pack on your eyelids etc. which all sounds great but what if you're fancying a night in? (Alone, or with the girls!), then here is what you'll need for the perfect Wintery night in.

1.  A good selection of films (the cheesier the better!)
Whether you fancy a comedy, a chick flick or even a horror, depending on whether you want to spend your night laughing, crying or squealing. Personally, I'm a fan of comedies and chick flicks, some of my favourites are The Hangover, Sex and The City (1&2), Confessions Of A Shopaholic, 21 Jump Street, Leap Year, Mean Girls and Clueless. Leave your favourite films in the comments below!

2.  Because who likes having cold feet? I received these cute Christmassy socks for Christmas and they're possible the cosiest socks my feet have ever experienced. (That hopefully doesn't sound too weird). I would say Primark is your best bet!

3.  Light yourself some yummy smelling candles for a relaxing atmosphere. I love Yankee Candles as they do a great range of scents, from dragon-fruit to cinnamon. Just remember to keep an eye on your candles and make sure they're always out before you fall asleep!

4.  Maybe I find choosing my mug more exciting than actually having a drink but my little collection of Cath Kidston mugs are just too pretty! My Mickey Mouse one is rather cute, too! A hot chocolate can be perfect to relax you and warm you up.

5. I love spending time in the bath, with a book (usually a magazine) and my favourite music (I'd recommend The XX) playing in the background. I adore my Lush products and I think a bubble bar is perfect! This is the Christmas Eve bubble bar and it smells divine. From their permanent line, my favourites are The Comforter, Karma and Creamy Candy bubble bar. 

6. ICE CREAM! (Or any junk food for that matter of fact) is a New Year's Eve necessity. Might as well eat your weight in calories before the New Year's diet starts. Ben & Jerry's is a favourite of mine, along with a Chinese takeaway and doritos. 

Those are my night in essentials! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and liked the photos on my new camera (Canon EOS 600D)

Britt x


  1. Love this blogpost ! So glad you're blogging again - I am obsessed with your videos ! xx

  2. my favorite films are angus thongs and perfect snogging , wild child and confession s of a teenage drama queen i think you would enjoy them :) xx

  3. So pleased you've posted! :) My favourite films are definitely Tangled and Confessions of a Shopaholic xx

  4. What do you edit your photos on? :) x

  5. Hello what photo editer do you use? Love your blog and youtube videos BTW :) x x x