Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wishlist | June 2013

Hello girlies, today's post is simply a 'What I want, right here. Right now' kinda thing. There is literally A TONNE of clothes and makeup that I am lusting over for Summer right now so I thought I'd give you a little insight into my wishlist.

Does this bikini make anyone else drool? I've wanted something like this for SO long. I think the high waisted bottoms and bustier type top will be so flattering and I may have actually found a bikini I'll feel confident wearing - SUCCESS! It is rather pricey but the print is just so gorgeous, really reminds me of Versace! 

A rather boring product I must admit but I've heard so many good things about this one product that I'm getting really excited to purchase this powder! I've literally been wanting it for the longest time but I continued to buy the MUA powders and now my MUA powder has run out this baby is calling my name! However, I'm slightly confused as to whether I will need 'light' or 'light plus'?! Help me.. somebody!

Right. I'm not entirely sure if these will be one of those things that stays on my wish list forever or not, BUT.. I was in American Apparel in London the other day and almost fainted at the sight of MINT DISCO PANTS! As a mint green lover, I got a lil excited however the price is like a punch in the face. Due to me wanting disco pants for so long, I think I may end up making the splurge because they're so damn hot.

I think I have found my IMATS outfit! I saw this in Topshop the other day, tried it on and instantly fell in love . The colours are so gorgeous and perfect for Summer, plus it's really flattering when on! The price isn't too bad so I'm hoping to buy this in the next couple of weeks! I don't doubt I'll be featuring it in a lookbook. 

Matt Healy. Need I say more?
Just listen to The 1975 and I swear you'll fall in love.

So, that's just a few things I'm wanting at the moment! If you enjoy these posts, please say and I'll do more!
What are your thoughts on the above? Tell me in the comments!

Britt x


  1. Love that bikini, the 50's style swimsuits are so gorgeous! x

  2. Gorgeous bikini, i love the print on it!

    Kamila xx

  3. I love that bikini! The print screams summer haha

  4. Love the bikini, I have wanted it for ages too! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. Omg can i have all of those things...need...curse having no money.

  6. The bikini is gorgeous! I'm sadly not going anywhere bright and sunny this year to show it off, otherwise, I'd snap it right up!
    Also, The 1975<33333333333333 JUST WOWIEEEE! They're amazing, and now you have me singing Chocolate!
    You know, I didn't even realise that I didn't follow your blog Mrs, I've always watched you on Youtube and just presumed I followed but that I always missed your posts on my dashboard but nope, I've just been dopey and missed it! Anyway, I'm here now so that's the main thing, waaahey!
    Hope you're well and hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx