Sunday, 6 January 2013

Worst. Day. Ever

Today has been such a bad, bad day. I woke up after having about 4 hours sleep. My coughs gotten worse and I can barely speak a sentence without sounding like a crazy barking dog. I then tried to film a video but I just wasn't in the mood. I watched back the clips and I just looked so bored, I don't know what it was about  me but I looked so un-enthusiastic about it all so I didn't even bother to edit. After watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to not be so pathetic so I told myself, after I've revised I do another, more enjoyable video, great idea! So, anyway I revised for about a hour (Oh dear) nucleur reactions aren't my forte and then once finished I set up my room to film. This video also went terribly, the lighting was crap and I looked dreadful, so I'm praying that I'm in the mood to film tomorrow/
We then had dinner, the only good part of the day, it was a lovely roast cooked by the mother so props to you Belinda! Haha and then I went up to my room..

I began to hear shouting outside, living on a main road we're pretty used to it but it was literally on my drive way, there was about 10 of them, all screaming. I peaked out the window to quickly shut the curtains again but before I knew it the door had been pushed open downstairs, they were in the house. I've never mentioned before but I suffer from panic attacks, really severe ones so.. I panicked, there was no phone around me so I just hovered around the top floor of my house. Obviously my parents were downstairs but my panic mode had already kicked in and I began to feel alone.
I was on facebook at the time so I frantically typed 'help' to as many people as posible on the chat bar but they all thought I was messing around. I stayed in my room waiting for them to leave. I sussed exactly what had happened, there had clearly been a fight. It was 1 verses about 9 and the one guy had ran into our house for shelter but they had followed leaving me quivering upstairs.
After about 10 minutes I went downstairs, my dad had already called the police and an ambulance, the one guy's friends had caught up with him and were saying they didn't need the police (clearly not angels themselves) so they left.

I know it probably doesn't sound scary but I was literally pooing myself! I hope your day has been slightly better,
love to you all, Britt xx


  1. Oh my god! You poor thing! I hope you and your family are ok! That sounds terrifying! Chin up love :) (hugs)

  2. Could of poped up to me Hun hope your okay now stupid people see what your fights do to other hope your okay sweetie xxx

  3. OMG, that sounds terrifying!
    I'm so annoyed, because I've been checking your old blog for months not realising that you have a new one!! uuugh!! x

  4. That would have absolutely scared the shit out of me !!! I'm glad you're okay ! Lots of hugs Brit !

    xxx Vee

  5. omgoosh, britt.
    i pray your okay now, i would
    have been so upset. and just panicked,
    just like you. hope you and your family
    are okay.
    lots of hugs,
    lucy x