Saturday, 25 August 2012

New makeup | photos & swatches✿

Firstly, hey, I'm back! I had a great holiday, was such fun. Do tell me if you'd like to see a post on just photos!
Whilst I was there I bought quite a few makeup bits and pieces and I told you in my haul I would swatch them, so here they are! I will link the original haul at the end.

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils

OMG, let me start by saying, these are my new faves, they are super creamy, they just glide on perfectly. They're super pigmented and last all day. I love how you can smudge them all over the lid as a base or just use it as regular eyeliner, so neat! The two colours I purchased are fairly neautral, I bought Iced Mocha, a shimmery light bronze, and Rust, which is a shimmery, deep burgundy. Expect to see some looks with these!

Rust, Iced Mocha

Nail Polishes | NYX & Manhattan

Firstly, let's start with the Manhattan polish which sadly doesn't have a shade name, poor baby. This is a gorgeous periwinkle bluey-purple, it's got no shimmer (which I like) and it's really smooth and only needs about 2 coats. I think for the price this is just great and I wish I had bought more :( Now for the NYX polish, I got this after buying 3 other NYX products but it was so gorgeous I would probably have bought it anyway! It's clear with fine, holographic glitter. The glitter is multi-coloured and looks amazing layered over another colour. I like to apply about 3 layers to get a good density of glitter. This supprising wasn't too hard to get off, thanks God! My OPI glitter was a nightmare to get off! Overall, two great products.

Here's the Manhattan polish with the NYX one over it, gorgeous, right?!

MAC Paintpot

We went to an outlet one day whilst we were there and I was so excited to see there was a CCO. For those wondering, a CCO is a cosmetics company outlet, they sell high end products for a discounted price, they are often limited edition. I always rush to the MAC section and this was the only thing that caught my eye. Firstly, I love paint pots and secondly this was only 7 euros! It's a light shimmery gold, quite similar to ricepaper eyeshadow and it's so smooth to apply, I already love it. It's quite sheer but it's buildable so it's nice for an all over wash of colour or a base which is what I like to use it for.

Here is my original haul video, please take a look!

Hope you enjoyed reading, love you all, stay beautiful, Britt xoxo


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