Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cute animal print nails!

So, today I realised how chipped my nails were and I was kinda ashamed of myself, haha! I decided to go for something a little different...
  • I first of all applied a coat of Babara Daly's basecoat (Mainly so I don't stain my nails!)
  • Then I applied 2 coats of 17's Pink Passion Lasting Fix nail polish
  • I then took a black nail polish by Ruby & Millie and made random dashes all over the nail but then decided to make them into more of an animal print. Don't worry if it's not perfect because if you looked at a cheetah the spots definitely wouldn't all be the same!
  • I finally applied 1 layer of a basecoat.
  • And that's how I got my cheetah-tastic nails! (That was cheesey!)

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